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Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a very popular, non-invasive, conservative approach to enhance and brighten an individual's smile. The procedure can reverse the effects of years of stain deposition from coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and other (natural or artificial) food colouring.

It can be done "in office" or "at home" or by a combination of the two methods.

The "in office" method is faster as it allows the dentist to employ a higher (35%) concentration of the whitener.

With the "at home" technique a 10-16% concentration is applied to the teeth via a custom made tray that fits accurately over the teeth. Typically one hour's daily application for two weeks produces visible improvement in the majority of cases, but some cases will take longer.


The best results are achieved by the "combined" technique where the dentist "quick starts" the process at the practice and the patient continues at home for 10-14 days until a satisfactory result is achieved.
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tooth whitening